Stuff, stuff and oh, some more stuff

Oh. My. Goodness.  Who BUYS all of this stuff that I am having to pack?  Surely not moi.  Sigh.  I have parted with some things over the last couple of months spent packing, but I’m having that ‘oh-no-I-may-never-have-money-again-since-I-am-a-widow-now’ reluctance to throw away anything that might come in handy at the new place.  So I pack, pack, grouse at the dog, and pack some more.  I was thankful for work tonight just so I didn’t have to pack for a change.   The tiny little house that I live in has every room, hallway, gap and such stacked with boxes.  It is a perilous thing to have the dog go off barking like mad in the middle of the day and try to careen through the hallways without dislocating a toe or wrenching my knee as I dodge the box obstacle course.  I never really mastered graceful, and it isn’t getting better with age.   I was feeling quite ahead of the game before this weekend’s marathon packing spree began.  Pffft.  Who was I kidding?  I have mastered the bedroom, the bathroom, the spare room for the most part, and 80% of the kitchen.  The pantry is ready except for the food that I left out to cook for the week, and treats for the dogs and kids when they arrive on Monday.   My office is more than 2/3’s packed, but a lot of it has to get done at the last day due to work and computers and whatnot.  The living room, or plant nursery, is about 2/3’s done as well; just reams of paperwork still lying about, and those annoying bits of stuff that really don’t fit into any category at all.  Extra mouse pads, notebooks, miscellaneous screws, magazines and all the paperwork surrounding the death.  I need to separate that all out and put it somewhere logical and safe (this usually means that I will totally misplace it and be unable to locate it for weeks, when I think ‘safe’ places)  I am so thankful for the additional space that I will get when I move into my place.  I’ve been living out of boxes for nearly two years now, and quite frankly, I’m over it.  But the journey itself was fun and definitely a learning experience.  I must say though, that limiting the kitchen paraphernalia has been quite liberating.  However, I’ve not cooked anything requiring the normal tools that abound.  I love to cook.  J loved to cook as well, and was incredibly good at cooking.  I’m…so-so I guess.  I like experimenting and I don’t like to waste, so even if it turns out less than stellar I will eat it.   My friend and gardening enabler has given me until the end of April to have everything unpacked.  Will I make it?

Here is a photo of my little place.   It no longer has the funky cool star on the front porch, because the owners took that with them.  It is pretty much a blank slate right now, and a lot of work on decorating will have to be done inside, but that’s okay.  I hope I have lots of time to do in the future.

Sunflower Solace Farmhouse

I have a hard time getting excited, even though I want to be excited.  I am not sure it is ‘okay’ to be excited and happy yet so soon after J’s death.   The financial realities that made buying a home so soon afterwards just couldn’t be ignored; it was a stabilizing move to keep from having no place to live.  And I am very thankful to my family members who made it possible, otherwise, I’d be living with one of them probably…haha.  Now there’s a motivator to help your family member out, eh?  Now if the IRS would just get that new tax credit form published, I could relax a little and not sweat it out in the interim.  But blah, who wants to read about this boring stuff.  On with more about the farm and my companions that will be traveling with me.

My three furbuddies will be coming along for the ride.  They are probably very tired of moving, although being dogs, it means lots of new scents to track, new wild animals to terrorize, and an opportunity to investigate who doesn’t lock down their trashcans at night.  Wheeee!  The life of a dog.  I have two Great Pyrenees, a brother and a sister.  We thought we would have livestock (okay *I* thought) sooner, so they are part of the family now for over a year.

Did someone say treats?

Always on the move, this pretty girl

My little Jack, he’s the old fart of the bunch, and spends his day alternating between alerting me that someone or something has broached the perimeter and snuggling up in his new heated dog bed.  Now, stop the eye-rolling already.  I am not a coddler of pets by nature, really.  But I tend to keep the heat off or just warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing in order to contain costs.  Jack’s have very little hair, and he was a Florida boy.  I just felt it wasn’t fair to make him have to adjust, and he hates the silly dog clothes; they bother his privates and make him a nervous wreck.  So he has a heated dog bed.  Deal with it.  😀

I WILL overcome this bone...

The Pyrs will live out here, near the barn.  I don’t have fencing yet, so it should be, shall we say, interesting?  They have a normal patrol range of one square mile and have lived on nearly 300 acres of free woods and pasture for a year.   I planned to put up an electric perimeter fence until I crunched the numbers; that’s gonna have to wait.  It’s always interesting anyway, because the Jack and the Pyrs don’t get along.  They would probably, except for the Jack has ‘little-man-syndrome’ and actually believes he’s a Rottie or something.  He attacks the poor Pyrs from underneath, and won’t let go.  It isn’t pretty, and J always broke them up before.  I try very hard to keep them away from each other so as not to have to endure that kind of panic again.   Suffice to say, if it happens again, probably somebody will die and I just don’t want that on my hands.

Here is a double-level deck on the west side of the house and I look forward to perhaps a fire pit, some nice seating and lots and lots of plants.

Coffee on the deck anyone? Or a nice fire and a Chardonnay in the evening?

However, until said fencing is done that won’t happen.  The Pyrs also adore every plant that I own unless it is in a pot that weighs more than they do.  And I don’t have too many 100+ pound pots around.  For now, it will be home to my cement table and chairs, which they tend to leave alone now that they are finished with teething.

The woods around the perimeter are just beautiful.  From my quick walk-through I have identified Chestnut, Poplar, Sugar maple (yeah!), Sassafras and White oak.  I look forward to exploring the entire woods with my Peterson’s book in hand and trying to identify my woodland companions.  It might be hard to do until leaf out, but I’ll give it a try.  What a great outdoor activity in the brisk temperatures of winter!  There are also large patches of berries, at first glance they appear to be wild raspberries, but again, I haven’t had the time to look closely.  I’m hoping for some of the wild black raspberries; they are just delicious and make incredibly beautiful jellies and jams when mixed with the reds.  It is possible that it is all blackberries, which would be okay too.  I just prefer the raspberries.  The pasture/garden area is primarily in grasses and scrub, so there will be lots of work to be done to prep for spring.  Between organizing the inside, exploring the outside,  prepping for gardening season, oh, and the JOB thing, I don’t foresee any restless days ahead!

And so I leave you with the view from my front porch in the fall…

Until the next update…Live. Love. Relax.  And hug those that you love, and tell them.  We are not guaranteed tommorrow


  2 comments for “Stuff, stuff and oh, some more stuff

  1. Stranger Still
    December 23, 2009 at 4:46 PM

    Enjoyable reading, as always! I cannot wait to visit! We’ll plan a “workin’ for the weekend” visit when the weather will allow us to help you out outdoors.



  2. sheketechad
    December 23, 2009 at 8:12 PM

    I can’t wait for you guys to come down! Just don’t let K bring any grass seed, as I already foresee many hours a week in the summer on the riding lawnmower – or a bucolic flock of sheep on the lawn 🙂 Hah, that would last about five seconds before the Pyrs started their games though. I’m glad you’re enjoying the read.


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