So, what’s with the dots in the title there?

Virgin blog space.  Rather like a new journal, but without the fear of leaving erasure marks or ink blots to mar the expanse of white. Crisp. Fresh. Unlimited.

Enough adjectives already. Geesh.

The title of this blog reflects the shift I am making in my own thoughts and how they will play out in the external world.

R eadjusting
E xpectations
A ttitudes
L imitations

L iving
I  ntently
F ully
E xpressively

The periods in the title are stops.  In order to appreciate good conversation, it is my belief that you also have to learn to enjoy good silence. Those stops in the words are my reminder to slow down, don’t rush, but be present and engaged each day.  Plus, I thought they look catchy 🙂

I am about to transform my life, and you’re welcome to come along.  I promise to write about the good and the bad, the expected and the unexpected.

Thanks for dropping by.



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