The only thing constant is change.

After a wonderful and uneventful road trip to retrieve Eldest Child from the Outer Banks, I was stuck in down-time physical mode while the frantic activity of the previous weeks caught up with me.  Mentally though, I’m living in a full-tilt whirlwind. 

Decisions. Opportunities. Options. Realities.  D.o.o.r. s are opening.

These things I am learning, are all changeable.  One day’s realities can change.  Fast.

I have a firm buyer for my little farm, contingent on financing of course. I am sad to see it go, but the financial realities are what they are.   This step will be one more towards living a life on the road, in nature, with less boundaries.  

The paragraphs above were written about a week ago, then ‘stuff’ came up. I want to write at least a few times a week.  But rather than not having enough to say, I have far too many thoughts.  So I’ll give a buckshot overview for anyone reading.  They go like this:

I should definitely sell the property.
Maybe I could rent bits of the property to others like me and actually keep it.
Keeping it would enable me to keep storing my overbearing supply of stuff, which I really do not need.
How do you go from being a prepping kind of person to an only what you need for a few days kind of person?
What if the Middle Child and Last Child won’t bring  Grandchild 1 and Grandchild 2 to Bubbe’s because she has no house?
Wouldn’t it be so cool to visit Bubbe wherever she is THIS year?
How many more days can I do this job that I am good at before I run screaming from the building because it is no longer what I want to do anymore?
I’ll only need to style my hair if I’m working, and if I’m working I’ll have hookups.  The rest of the time I’ll have cute ball caps.
I think I’ll practice living like I have only a 25 foot house.
How long WILL ice last in an Extreme cooler and will it cost less over a year than running propane/electric?
Will the books I want to lug with me cause the motor home to weigh too much?
Should I look at motor homes now even though I can’t buy, or should I wait?
I can’t wait to get out and go someplace new and do something new.
I can’t wait until I don’t have to do anything at any specific time and can enjoy the beauty of this country and Canada.

And around and around it goes!  These thoughts keep me awake at night.  Before I made this decision to live like I would actually like to live, I slept like a well-fed baby at night.  I make lists. Lists of things to get rid of.  Lists of things I already have that will work with this lifestyle change. Lists of stuff that looks cool but maybe I won’t have room for.  Lists of places I’d like to see and experience. Lists of things that I must have.

(yawns widely)
I’m up past my bedtime.  Off to try to sleep.



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