Champagne taste on a water bottle budget…

Sunday was a very fun day.  A full-timer met me at the LazyDays showplace for a little knocking around, education and temptation.  Whooooeee.  I insisted on only canvassing the used area, thinking I would be safe.  Oh hell no.  I ooohhed and ahhhed over all the buttery leather trimmings, beautiful cherry cabinetry, finely wrought multi-toned flooring…and immediately forgot all of the goals that are driving this change.  Those little things like, oh you know, wanting to be DEBT FREE, lower my costs so that I can live instead of working all of the time, get myself out of the place where others are the primary drivers of my life-those things that are truly important.  By the time I left the lot three hours later, I was already calculatin’ in mah head just how I could wrangle those payments.

Thankfully, after about 24 hours away from the formaldehyde fumes and the glitzy glam rigs, my pragmatism returned.  And my dearest and best friends waited it out before yammering at me about how ahem, things like buying to unwise limits got me into this fine predicament. They didn’t even have to yell at me at all – which is a vast improvement over the last few years on my own.

So now I have some framework for what size living quarters I think I could handle, provided there is some outdoor space to relieve the friction of a small living. I know where I think I would like things positioned for full-time living in a rig for the time being.  From what others have explained, most likely that will change some after a time and I’ll learn to change or to make changes.

I’ve done some smarter calculatin’ and I believe with some well-timed decisions I can actually be debt-free by January 2013 and have my rig as well, paid for in cash. Nope, it won’t be an Isata or the like, although I do admire their designs.  Most likely it won’t be an Aspect either, although they have a very user-friendly floor plan.

It is hard for me to be patient.  But I know that there will always be rigs for sale at good prices.  All of them will not sell before I get my ducks all in a row (even if I have to keep reminding myself of these facts).  I’ve also turned my thoughts back to a towing vehicle and trailer.  There are more moderately priced options in that category.

It is difficult to change the way you make decisions.  Slick brochures and encouraging salespeople count on you to be swept up in the moment.  The ability to focus on what one truly needs can get lost in all of the hype.  I’m hoping that this baby step will lead to more and larger steps in the right direction.  For today, I am proud of myself.

Be well.


  2 comments for “Champagne taste on a water bottle budget…

  1. February 25, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    Nice new blog on the block.Dragonfly


  2. February 29, 2012 at 6:55 AM

    Thanks D'fly!


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