Bucolic Nirvana

It  has been such a long time since I breathed in and smelled countryside.  But I am experiencing it this weekend.  The last time really was my visit to Sunflower Solace back in May of last year.  That’s a long time to go without being in the country.  A long time without starry nights untainted by city light pollution.  A long time without being able to count the different types of birds coming to life in the morning light. A long time to be unable to walk more than thirty feet without seeing another building or person.  So this weekend is proving to be more than restorative.  Every part of me is relaxed.  I sat still for a solid hour and did…wait for it…nothing. Felt the sun on my skin. Listened to birds. Heard a dog panting beside me. And for the first time in I cannot recall how long, I listened to the sound of another person’s breathing change from wakefulness to slumber.  I knew that I missed this peacefulness; I simply did not allow myself to recall just how much I miss it.  Since it is currently an unsolvable problem, why dwell on things that you cannot change in this moment?  There are enough worries in the day that can be dealt with, so I try not to burden myself with things that I cannot impact.Image

The last horse that I was in proximity to was about eight times this size, but remarkably similar in coloring.  Daisy was an eighteen-hundred pound draft horse – Mattie is a Palomino pony.  But that same sweet hay smell surrounds her, the same rippling muscles under the soft coat are apparent, and she has the identical affinity for apples. What is different is that this day, I have no fear. Dealing with Daisy was terrifying to me, due to her size.  Plus, she was the first horse I had really been around since I was in my teens so I was not really ready to interact with her.  Mattie doesn’t scare me, although I am sure her little hooves could still do some serious damage if they connected with intent.


These guys I named Black and Blue as of today, based on their collar colors.  I got to participate in the hoof trimming of these two wethers today.  I didn’t really do much, so I can’t really take a lot of credit; it is hard physical work, the trimming of hooves.  I just petted and chatted with the goats.  They each seemed a bit miffed when we were done though.  

I am grateful for the opportunity to bask in this atmosphere. I’ve had good food, good conversation and good feelings.  Quiet beauty is often underrated. I want to make sure this little slice of Nirvana is appreciated.

Just breathe, the rest will come in time.


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