Humorous limitations of singlehood

This will be a short and sweet post, keeping my obligation to write daily but not taking away too much from the packing of the car and getting on the road.

I have been ‘nesting’ here, for lack of a better word.  Preparing the place for my return, investing in it a little bit.  I need a lift of my spirits when I return here from loss, an infusion of me into the surroundings.  I found some curtains at a thrift store some time back and tucked them away for ‘when’.  So I decided to put them up yesterday and also replace the bent rod the old ones were hanging on.  I picked that up while returning gardening tools to my friend.  I’ve not hung curtains in a long time, and never alone.  It was a slight adventure and left me doubled up in laughter at myself by the end of it.

Now I’m not very tall and graceful is a word in the dictionary completely unrelated to me.  The span of the curtained area is 84″ wide.  I’m not used to expansion rods either, so the first things I learned were a) the knobs on the end are loose and go careening around under things when least expected b) expansion rods have a tendency to expand with gravity if you’re not balancing them correctly.   This is not problematic when you have two sets of hands. There is no one here to enlist aid from – “Honey, can you grab that knob that just went rolling away somewhere and hand it to me?”  I had several trips up and down the step-ladder to retrieve the other half of the rod and the knobs as they sought their freedom at inopportune times.  Then, when feeling mighty proud, I noticed that the curtains  pooled on the floor.  Nice if you have a fancy home and wooden floors and what not – not so nice if it’s an entrance you are in and out of regularly.  Down they had to come, and be re-threaded onto the rod not by the loops, but through the little sleeve at the top.  By the time that I was done, I was nearly in tears laughing at myself.  The dog was hiding from my profane outbursts.  I turned immense frustration into humor, it’s the only way sometimes I can deal with  it.

But today, when I got up and went out to the patio to have my coffee in the pre-dawn, the curtains looked good.  The flowers I planted are doing okay and greeted me with upturned blooms and cheery waves in the breeze.  I will be happy.

And a thoughtful quote on being single that I found, which resonated with me:

“Stop trying to be author of your romantic fate…let the universe kick in and lend a hand. Not only will you end up somewhere surprising, but you’ll also start to have much more fun when you surrender control.”

Off I go to finish packing, cook a good breakfast and hit the road.

Be open. Laugh at yourself. Have fun!


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