The inner workings of the psyche (or how I while away my time)

I adore studying how the mind, body and personality work. Especially when there is so much information these days online. Today after chores were done I spent some time futzing around on the MBTI-type forums and found a very interesting place to read stuff. Have I mentioned how much I like to read? I also took a new type of test, the Enneagram test.
My Type:

Perhaps it would have served me better to know these things years ago, but now seems just as valid a time to investigate them as any, no? If I ever become stranded on a remote island, I can only pray for at least a cell phone and an internet connection to keep my inquisitive mind busy. I really began to explore my personality type, and the others out there, when I dipped my toe into the dating pool again. Not only do I wish to understand myself better, but others as well. People are so messy and so fascinating. I do prefer to watch them from afar and in small doses mind you, but I do enjoy watching them. Interacting with them, eh, not so much. The one exception to that rule is online or via E-mail. I thrive on the privilege of reading others thoughts as they present them. And it gives me time to muse that real time interaction simply does not. I tend to be rather blunt, and the time lapse in writing gives me time to think through the words that are flowing from my brain.

However, as with many things, my MBTI and my Enneagram type are at great odds with each other. As an INFJ(who sometimes leans into INTJ) we are known as protectors and empaths. Yet Type 5W4’s (The Investigators) are known for their detachment and analysis. Hmph. Probably my left/right brain 50/50 split in action here. I am highly inquisitive yet terribly emotional, with a finely-tuned ability to detach at will.

The things that interest me most about this kind of self-analysis are a) How do life events form or impact personalities? b) How does one turn their weaknesses into strengths? and c) How will this knowledge create better interaction between me and the people I am intimate with in close relationships (friends, children, lovers)?

Inquiring minds want to know…

So to soothe you after reading all of this, try out one of my all-time favorite piano pieces on YouTube. I truly enjoy this song and I hope you do too!

Finding Grace

Be well, know thyself.


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