Tiny Houses, Runaway Dreams and Excitement

I have to tell you, excitement is getting the best of me.  I sneak peeks all during the day at house plans and gaze lovingly at the little parcel of land on GIS maps on and off during the work hours.  My head is crammed full of designs, colors, building materials, gardens, cute hen-houses and all kinds of other things when I’m driving to work,  taking a break by the pond at work,  on my way home from work, and those images are what dance behind my eyes as I lay down to try to get some sleep.

It is a long time between now and all of this coming to fruition, when my foot steps out of a dwelling and onto a porch, this is true. Yesterday the property owner said she would send me a copy of the plat map so that I can study it before my next trip up in the early spring, while the underbrush is still winter dead and before tick season gets a good foothold.   Between now and that moment, there is a lot of work, a lot of learning, a lot of reading, that I am going to have to do in the interim.  There are times that I kind of want to pinch myself and ask if this is really true, is it really going to happen?

I’ve owned several homes, alone and in tandem with marital partners over the years.  But I have never had the opportunity to make something totally my idea.  I’ve never started with a driveway, electrical service and wide-open dreams.  I have to rely heavily on others right now, because in many things about this I have total ignorance.   At least I know I am ignorant, lol!  I am picking the brains of those far more experienced than I, listening to their guidance, bouncing ideas off of them, trying to learn as fast as I can so that I can limit my missteps.  My financial edge is thin, so there isn’t a lot of room for wrong decisions.

My fascination with tiny houses has lasted over several years, but I am trying to balance reality with novelty.  Having lived for over a year in just over 200 square feet, I know that I need more room than this – or at least I need space designed to be more functional than where I am now.  A lot can be done in small spaces for storage, for multi-purposing, if the small space is designed in advance for that kind of thing.  First though, I have to determine what the local building codes require for minimum house size, and if it varies based on being foundation built as opposed to something on a movable frame like a trailer or a tiny home on a flat bed frame.  I have to learn if I can utilize composting toilets and eschew septic service initially, or if I must install septic before I even build.  See, so many basic things to educate myself on before I even get to the fun stuff like interior design and porches, lol!

Two of my favorite builds (so far!):

$ 11K Architect Built Tiny House

200 Square Foot Zen House in the Woods

Well, I’ve lollygagged enough this morning and need to get moving towards my job that is required to bring this dream into the world.

Keep smiling. Dream in secret and in color.  Believe good things can happen.


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