Windy by the sea, dropping temps and clear skies = pure physical pleasure

Just a mini-break postlet of sorts.  I just returned from a long walk with the dog.  I love nights like this, where the sea winds are rather blustery due to the cold front, it is in the 60’s and heading downward, the skies are perfectly clear and out of the lights you can see the stars pretty darn well, despite being in the city.  I think this is because for some reason, all the lights on my alley are burned out, so when everyone has their house lights off it is quite dark and I can look up and star gaze and dream.

I have also had several songs stuck in my brain the last couple of days.  Music is the envelope I wrap myself up within while at work, surrounded by loud, busy people.  Sometimes I turn to the quiet but mentally and emotionally stimulating pianists that I enjoy, other times I pick from a playlist of songs that simply bring me pleasure regardless of the genre and sometimes (shhhhh) it’s hard core dance music, lol!  That’s usually reserved for the latter part of the day when almost everyone else is gone except the night shift and it kicks me into the last part of the day with energy and stamina.  Ben Howard is a favorite of the younger crowd, but I find his music very good and the lyrics important.  Most songs that draw me with lyrics, the lyrics themselves are a draw to me.  This song just makes my whole body smile:

It’s great for walking to, although I’m fairly certain the dog considers it a ‘drag me along and don’t let me smell every inch of the planet’ song 🙂

This artist I just discovered recently, another excellent lyricist, particularly from a woman’s point of view – Tina Dico (or Dickow, depending on the country of origin).  This one impacted me some time ago, and I can’t get it out of my mind.

Last but not least, a One Republic song that stands as an ode to my future homestead being the thing that I love and dream about, that I am counting my dollars for, and stands as the ‘wrong’ thing sometimes in a city person’s perspective,  until someone appears in my life to which I can ascribe these emotions to, and these feelings are returned to me:

There is a very old photo that I took nearly ten years ago I just discovered is in my Gravatar image!  This is one of the photos that is stuck on my drive that I cannot get into.  I’m not sure if others can see it or not, but it is an example of the kind of work that I was doing with nature at the time.  It is frustrating me to no end that I cannot get in and retrieve the data there…gargh!

So instead, I’m inserting a ‘fun’ photo that I took while playing with the camera settings on my new cell phone way back when.  It was during a move and it was just a shot out the window of the clouds, but what do you see in the clouds?  😀

Just your average clouds...or, are they?

Just your average clouds…or, are they?

It is amazing what you ‘see’, that you don’t see when taking a photo, isn’t it?

Be well, keep smiling.  Remember to do your taxes.  And always, “keep your heart strong”!


Copyright© S. M. King “Scraps Torn From A Diminutive Notebook” project 2013-2014

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