Noise and Reflections

While I have words of my own tumbling in my head to write, I do not have the strength to vocalize my deepest fears and worries so aptly as my dear friend. So I will let her words echo for me.

I did watch the eclipse, wondered how the Hebrews would have interpreted the event had that been occurring on the night of the first Pesach.  Wondered if the covering of the moon would have signified the Destroyer in their minds.  Remembered the commandment not to go outside – the exact place that I was.


The Trained Soul

There are a number of noisy drums beating these days.

Political drums, environmental drums, international drums…

Religious drums.

With the first stage of the lunar eclipse tetrad now past, the ramp up begins in the christian camps.

War drums.  Noise of end games, of prophecies and mysteries and times and signs.

The irony does not escape me that a religion which sought to wipe the Hebrew identity off of the map is now directly focused on Almighty’s Holy Days, the Hebrew days proclaimed by Almighty to be eternal remembrances.

Is anyone paying attention to that?

Establishment is how I would interpret.  Not the end of the world, rather the beginning of remembrance, perhaps.

Remembrance of a covenant.

Remember.  Holy days proclaimed by Almighty as eternal, established.

Not easter, not good friday – no.

Pesach.  Sukkot.  Pesach.  Sukkot.

Suddenly, attention is being paid to Holy Days which have been part of life for thousands of…

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