A little (hah!) more macro work

While I have always enjoyed photography, what I am liking about macro work is what it reveals to me that I normally overlook, or am too far away to notice (or…rushing past!)  Lately, I am struck by the flowers within flowers 🙂

A few jewel tones for today.  Two different colors of bougainvillea, white bracts in one type, ivory in another.

This series of  shows the buds in different stages.  Since we as humans become rather twisted and wizened as we age, to see that form as the beginning of budding is quite the opposite in this plant.

Shot with 250mm lens NikonD100

Shot with 250mm lens NikonD100


Shot with 250mm lens Nikon D100

Shot with 250mm lens Nikon D100

I love the light play in these next two.  Notice the ivory bracts vs the white bracts.

Flowers in flowers

Flowers in flowers





Look towards the small things, for in them is great beauty often unacknowledged.




  2 comments for “A little (hah!) more macro work

  1. May 18, 2014 at 8:05 PM

    Wonderful series of shots…for some reason, there is something so intricate and special about macro shots. The third shot is my favorite, the lighting/shading and the crisp view of one of those small flowers. Beautiful.


  2. sheketechad
    May 18, 2014 at 8:40 PM

    Thank you! I’ve only been playing with it for a couple of weeks in my daylight down time and I really find I like it. I need a tripod though, as half my shots look like I might be shooting during an earthquake 0_0 The third is my favorite as well from that grouping. Thanks for stopping by.


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