A little housekeeping was in order…

I wanted something a bit cleaner, easier to read, and to save readers from endless scrolling 🙂  I know it is a little less homey feeling, but it also gave me the opportunity to showcase my photography, reflect that I’m currently in the city, and provide a little more up-to-date look.

I value your feedback, so I’m publishing a little poll.  If you’d take a moment to vote, I’d appreciate it.

And yes, I had far too much coffee today…LOL!

This instruction is specifically for a very dear friend of mine.  If you choose other, explain dammit.  LOL! Hugs to T (((hugs)))



Edited to add: Thank you to everyone who is voting and commenting.  So far, I see that the text needs darkening for many.  Have to wait until I can append that financially 🙂  Please muddle through with me ’till then.

Also, a couple of questions asked about the color image – that is an abandoned concrete plant, shot from a moving car, out the window with a cell phone camera.

(also testing to see if bolding the text helps readers in the interim)


Please leave your feedback!

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