8.11.14 Monday Music Mention – Brian Crain

Happy Monday all!  I know everyone is rip roarin’ ready to return to well, whatever  it is that you do on Mondays 🙂

This week’s mention is another accomplished pianist, baseball player turned artist,  Brian Crain.  He is a majestic composer, and has produced several solo piano offerings and others including strings and piano duets (violin, cello). These combinations are very powerful and moving to me. It is difficult to choose a favorite so go ahead, buy them all like I did!  You can find his music at his site linked to his name above, on iTunes and on Spotify (a place he encourages the use of for his music).  A new piece from his upcoming album “Life Is…” titled ‘The Edge of a Petal” is found on Spotify.

Sometimes I find that very talented technical artists lose the power of the instrument along the way in the score. Brian differs there from most.

The first song of his to ever catch my ear was “Song for Sienna” for piano and cello from his CD “A Summer in Italy”.

Intrigued, I searched out more and my first purchase was his “Piano Opus” album.  “Fire” is still my all time favorite, perhaps because of the techniques used.

“Rain” can be found in piano only, or the violin and piano duet piece. For me, the violin adds such richness to an already memorable melody.

As with Wesley, I could go on and on with music selections from this artist.  I encourage you to seek them out and claim your own favorites. As always, if you enjoy the music, please support the artist by purchasing their work.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
~Victor Hugo

 Have a beautiful and expressive day!


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