The Blossom of Benevolence

In my last post I explained the new direction that my life is taking, and the on-boarding of a little one.

What has come to light is the beautiful outpouring of sisterly support for the situation. No, not my sisters, as I don’t have any.  But the Aunts of my grandson, my other daughters. One has negotiated a reduced rate for summer care and offered to pay for field trip expenses. The other has offered respite baby-sitting and ad hoc financial support when needed.  While I am not poor by any means, my expenses are fairly maxed out with this move and the additional costs, as I had been living frugally.  The ability to do for others was still there in smalls.  For now, that will have to sit by the wayside as I examine the new budget and how it works out.

Sometimes, the pride that stops us from asking for help prevents us from offering others the opportunity to give help. While it is not an ideal situation, my heart is happy to see a rare facet of my adult children’s lives – the blossom of benevolence. May it long grow there, and return to them a hundred-fold.



  2 comments for “The Blossom of Benevolence

  1. March 5, 2016 at 8:18 AM

    sometimes when given the opportunity the universe delights us.

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