Looking back over my shoulder (aka 2016 in Review)

My goal is to make a post a day to wrap up 2016 and teeter into the unformed abyss of 2017 🙂

Carapasces of Dreams

The dry wind chattered
Winding through the carapaces of dreams
Discarded in corners
Shrugged off during a mental molt


Raw skin couldn’t decide
Whether to embrace the nakedness
For a moment, a week, an eon
Paused as it was in reset mode


Images skittered behind lids
Places, ideas, desires, realities
Tumbleweeds of disconnects
Tried to fashion themselves


A sigh as heavy as lead
Seeped from lips asking hard questions
Dissembling, assembling, remembering
Made for a hard pillow
As sleep tiptoed around it all.




  2 comments for “Looking back over my shoulder (aka 2016 in Review)

  1. December 26, 2016 at 5:33 PM

    Hi Friend
    2016 brought a new child, not your own but families. I hope the adjustment was easier than I could ever do. How have you continued to work? Working off the steering. I know there were great grandma memories. My grandparents opened the doors to me at 14 years old. They changed my life. Let’s hope the stay ins’t much longer. I’ve thought of you so many times. I know you’re very overloaded so I held back from emailing.

    How are you doing? I pray your health is 100% theses days. Survivors hit a few bumps but not bad, I just added two guys to the group. The site will for sure change, one guy lived thru Aids/HIV positive. He inspires me. The second guy was raped by people he knew as a child. Still traumatized, I think he’s great for the site, people open up to him. He doesn’t sugar coat his writing. Gavin has joined, he’s a rock.

    Do you free weekends to unwind or just cook your fav meal and have a nice glass of wine.
    I truly hope life is treating you good or at least ok.

    Drop by when you get to breath.


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    • December 26, 2016 at 7:31 PM

      Hey M,

      My health is very good, thankfully 🙂 100% healed from the face-off surgery. Boy’s stay will be permanent. We head to court to begin that dance next year.

      No, no free weekends any more – we do most everything together, much to his chagrin (grocery shopping is his least fave I think, except maybe that it includes a free cookie, lol!)

      I continue to work because, err, I have to? He thinks I work too much, hah!

      Here’s to hoping you and yours are doing better, and that a peaceful, happy 2017 awaits for you just around the corner.



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