Preparing for Dorian (aka waiting, waiting)


Some music to watch for storms by: Riders on the Storm

Or if you like something a bit more upbeat: Skywatcher

The good news is that no one in my family will be impacted by much more than some rain and a bit more heft to the breeze.  I have one friend on the east coast that I’m keeping tabs on, but so far nothing much to worry about there.

Then it comes tootling up here, after visiting GA and SC along the way.  Maybe Dorian is on a beach vacation. Last year we had Florence, which caused a lot of flooding and made the river appear at my back fence (I’m 600 yds away). But only a brief power outage or two and some windy, rainy days.  I’m hopeful that will be the same this year (maybe without the river rise, that would be nifty). At least I’m getting to play with solar lighting and running a fan via battery, and trying to figure out how to keep coffee and work going should we lose power for any length of time. If my well pump was running, I’d be worried about no water, but I already live without running water, so this will be an opportunity to get more FREE water.  I’ve captured and filtered over 20 gallons of stock, and there is still plenty in the reservoir (aka fishing boat cooler playing catchment  reservoir).  I’ve put gas in the car, checked my stock of chocolate  wine non perishable food and battened down the potential projectiles in the yard.  

Except for one, by which I am stymied. Someone gave us a trampoline when LegoMan lived here, and now on the news I keep hearing about stabilizing your trampoline. Say huh? About the only thing I can think to do is move a bunch of my woodpile on top of it and make it too heavy to blow around the neighborhood.  That will be hot, sweaty and dirty work and might put a dent in my 20 gallon stock for a good cleansing shower when done.  But I can’t think of anything else other than bungee cording it to the shed or the light pole.  Do any of you have any suggestions??

I’ve done this ritual a few times – through three tornadoes (GA, FL and TN), one straight line storm (TN), and two ice storms (TN,VA).  I only missed work once, when the tornado in TN tore the electrical mast off of my home and I ran out of temporary power for the laptop.  This house roof may not be as secure as everywhere else I’ve been, and I have no basement here.  So that worries me a tiny bit, but not much.  This house has been through 100 years of bad weather and is still standing, so maybe it is no worry at all.

As I contemplate where my future will take me, I’m just treating this as another way to learn to take care of myself.  And as always when facing something bigger than humanity, I marvel at nature – the beauty it serves up in tiny insects, bright birds, curious critters,glorious flowers and the devastation it delivers to man and beast when its power comes to fore.  We are pretty small, despite the big ‘ole mess we’re making of our planet.  Somehow, I think the planet will recover; I’m not sure if we will.

Brings to memory this song from my wild and wooly years: Dust In The Wind

My heart goes out to those already impacted, and good thoughts to those of us waiting to see what awaits us.

Be well, hug somebody, and give thanks for today.


  3 comments for “Preparing for Dorian (aka waiting, waiting)

  1. September 5, 2019 at 9:57 AM

    The hurricane waiting makes me a basket case…

    I admire you for the preparation skills you have attained. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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