Nature’s Insights

In order to reinvigorate my writing activities, I thought I’d once again attempt a post a day. I did this once, several years ago and it led to both good and bad. Good, because I was thinking like a writer again, and bad, because I got burned out. This time I start with a 30 day max, to avoid burnout and to have a focused end point.

I’m so grateful to wake up in beauty nearly every single day while also earning a living. And usually the scenery changes about every two weeks as an added benefit!

Today’s thought is relating hummingbird behavior and thinking about it in human terms.

There are four regular feeder visitors, three Ruby Throats and one Rufeous. He is gorgeous, flashy and…ferocious! He often sits on a branch near the feeder with his little head in constant surveillance mode. Any sign of another hummingbird and he’s off the branch in a flash, chasing away the bold intruder. This takes a lot of energy I would guess. So why, with the abundant supply of nectar, is so much extra energy expended on defense and incursion when if it was shared there would be less needed for all to survive?

Very human- like, yes?

Now here’s the twist – I never have seen this behavior around natural nectar sources. Is the feeder(excess) the problem?

Food for thought…

~SE pondering from the skoolie

  4 comments for “Nature’s Insights

  1. July 26, 2022 at 3:25 PM

    It’s name is Skooie? The bus? Glad you are in good health and doing well.


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