At the same time I am embarking on poking my writing muse, I am also doing an art journal…finally. I follow an artist whose books I own, and I’ve been watching little clips for probably close to a year now, contemplating doing one.

What held me back? I sketch like a kindergartener, lol. Plus, you know, what tools will I use (ignoring the fact that I pull a trailer that primarily, in addition to clothes and camping gear holds, guess what? Art materials!) to create the journal? It becomes a question of narrowing down options, hah!

At the end of yesterday’s entry I wrote – “By the time WORK ($) is done, there is very little time ⏲️ to divvy up for art, reading (Second Nature, by Michael Pollan), relationships (this word made me think suddenly of little people on unmoored boats, or maybe Star Trek Enterprise type vehicles), cooking and other daily actions that, cobbled together, equals. LIFE”.

We use words regularly, sometimes so much so that we forget, mis-remember, or substitute our own meanings and context for them. I often look up definitions of words I have used for decades, just to check myself – self- motivated at times; called out by others at times.

I grew up with the quote at the top of this entry embedded in my brain. That was my goal, to be a good woman, which by default follows that I would be precious to someone (ignore my few years of wild foolishness, you must have context for comparison to good, amirite?)

But context here is subjective on all points: Good. Precious. All things. Relationships.

I’m working on a drawing of the “relation ships”, because it stuck in my loopy brain. I’ll share if it isn’t cringeworthy when complete 🙂

What words have struck you lately, caused you to revisit them, reacquaint yourself with their meanings? Do you ever have silly images pop into your head about a word? Hopefully I’m not alone in this…

We made it through Hump Day, celebrate yourself!

~SE, musing in the woods by the creek.

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