The Art Strugglebus

Nice elements

Heh, maybe I should change the bus name!

Monday at work is usually lightly peppered with meetings and then plenty of time to actually get work done instead of meeting to talk about getting work done. But today the merger and acquisition was formally announced, so a lot of post meeting time was spent by people musing about what it means for job stability. This is my second merger activity in my seventeen years with the company. I think we’ll all be fine, if a tad overrun with many more workers across multiple continents and the blending of multiple work cultures to acclimate into.

The photo above really caught my eye in regards to lines and visual appeal. I wanted to draw it (please, no snorting while laughing). I tried. I laughed, so it’s all right if you do too 🙂

Work in progress

Obviously I need to study my subject better. The perspective is skewed. But I am pleased that it at least resembles the subject matter. Except those darn light bulbs! They are tough for me.

I also did some wet-on-wet watercolor practice.

Bright flower

Why am I showing my bad art? Because I want people to try things! And to know everyone starts somewhere. I do very nice collage work. I’m a decent photographer. But drawing, painting, these are new for me. I did do an acrylic at the start of the pandemic that I still really love.

“Screaming in Lockdown”

I’ve been dabbling now for a while. I want to get more serious with it. Does anyone else want instant cool art powers? Lol.

May you be fearless and willing to fail in anything you attempt 🙂

~SE, getting sleepy on this rainy night

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  1. August 16, 2022 at 10:38 AM

    Finally, your own voice, expressed in whatever way you see fit! Love it!

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