The Magic of Mushrooms

A. Muscaria

Today’s trip to the lake was simply sublime, and a perfect post- work unwind. I love woods and water, especially the rocky shoreline type. So I was primed for some zen rock sitting, watching the water do its thing. I got so, so much more!

First off, there is nothing like occupying a waterside picnic area with no other souls around (swoon). Then there is no stranger to see me nerdy geek out over rocks, trees of unusual character, fairy moss worlds, pollinator-covered flower stands, and…MUSHROOMS!

Holy cow, were there mushrooms. I would guess possibly ten or more species, sadly of which only one I absolutely can identify – Amanita Muscaria. I found three of them. I really need a field guide so I can harvest and gnosh on appropriate species.

Heart shaped mushroom in pearly white

The variety astounded me, as the area possibly wasn’t more than 1/4 mile by a 1/4 mile, if that. Pink and white fringed ones, blazing orange ones, pancake looking ones, ones that resembled soldier helmets tossed on the ground, golden ones with tops like a good omelet, and teeny tiny ones. I scrabbled from hill to valley, across the road, down to the lake and back (my Fibit rejoiced – according to it I climbed fifty floors today).


It was absolute joy. I didn’t care that it was sprinkling (curly hair be damned!) I didn’t care that my toes looked like I’d dug in a garden. Bliss. That’s what it was.

Pink frilly gilled

And the rocks! Impressive colors and aggregates.

Watermelon rock slice
Rock candy?

I’ll write about trees tomorrow, and leave you with this busy bee buddy 💙 💜

Busy bees sleep well

~SE, still smiling after her nature immersion

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