About those trees….

The embrace of a lifetime

Trees are such an amazing part of our world. They provide shelter, shade, food, heat and suck up all of that carbon we’re emitting! These two caught my eye, appearing to be a long-time partnered couple, supporting each other through thick and thin. Or maybe he’s goosing her…knots? πŸ™‚ Instead of the more sentimental limb holding I suppose.

This next tree had such a design on it! I tried to examine and see if it was human-tooled, but it did not appear to be. If you’ve ever seen Ripley’s Believe It or Not in the way back days, they had a mermaid carcass as a sideshow. I swear this is a tin type replica of that!

A Ripley’s escapee?

Aspen trees always have unique features, and usually somewhere on them, an eye. The sound of their leaves in the wind always bring me visceral pleasure.

Eye spy Aspens?

It has been a tough time for me. Lots of emotional outpouring onto me, the merger and all of the changes that is bringing. The breaking of my phone and the thought of losing ALL of my thousands of photos, and other things. Tonight I took another walk by the creek. I sat there among the trees, the rushing water filling my ears. I hunted mushrooms in the area and found them hidden away from the well-trod places. I discovered a fox den (I think – way too big for a chipmunk!). I watched the sky change hues and the clouds light up with golden light. I ate some blueberries right from the container. And I picked up trash πŸ™‚

I’m ready for a good night’s sleep (with less vivid dreams than last night please, Mr. Sandman!). Some days the demands on us as mothers, daughters, friends, partners, co-workers, just leave us spinning. This salsify seed head made me think of all of the things that take from us, with that little tiny bit in the center that is us – the stalk swaying in the winds of time.

Will the center hold?

As I turn in, I share my night sky view – may you inhale the scent of the woods, the fecundity of the earth and hear the water sing against the boulders…

My ‘nightcap’

~SE, calling it an evening

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    Hugs, dear friend.

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