Creeper Cross Trip across America updates

A Shoe Box of Wisdom

Oof. Working. Driving. Doing. These things leave little time for reading or updating as I’d like. But the trip is going well, if a bit slower than anticipated initially. When you stop to see and try to do as well, or the weather decides to become an obstacle, things change. Thankfully, there is not a really hardline date of arrival, just a target to aim around.

It’s almost at halfway point now, mileage-wise. Fuel is cheaper en route than back at the starting point in California/Arizona, which is a plus. There has been snow when at higher elevations, causing a re-route into lower elevations in order to avoid multi-night hard freeze conditions that can impact water lines when your home is mobile.

My goal was at least one photo a day of the trip, but boy have I overshot that mark! Even though it has only been two weeks, I’ve taken hundreds of photos. There is so much to see, everywhere. Sometimes of course, I’m driving and it would be foolish to try to snap a photo. I do wish I had a go-pro at times, seriously! Selecting what to share as a snapshot of a day or location is difficult. What interests me might not interest you guys reading.

Memorable things off the top of my head: A full moon over Organ Pipe National Monument among the cacti. Meeting an artist in his gallery in Ajo. Street art of immense proportions. A town named Why. Pink Floyd the Barber. Texas Canyon. Buildings and architecture from the previous century. A whlte peacock strolling along the roadside. Border Guards doing their job. Live goats at an antique store. Indian goat curry meal just a bit down the road. An impromptu visiting tenor singing in the fabulous acoustics of an old church. The rising grains of gypsum flowing off of White Sands National Park as the wind whipped up. Meeting another artist in the yard of their outdoor junk art gallery. A pear tree blooming in the sun against adobe walls and the following morning snow blowing at 50 mph across the parking lot. Art galleries and museums – my goodness at all of the talent in the world!

Many days I pinch myself. What an honor and privilege to be able to work and travel. When I am tired or don’t want to drive after work, I remind myself of this gift, and press on. But so far it has been fairly easy to do – some days are broken up with a partial drive to the next spot at lunch break, then the final run after work. Some days I skip lunch so that I can leave and drive the entire way in one punch.

Here are some selections from ONE day – in the small town of Ajo, AZ.

Wall Art at Three Nations Market, Ajo AZ
Wall Art, Three Nations Market, Ajo, AZ
Curley School of Art Doorway
Owl-Goyle? Curley School, Ajo AZ

As you can see, Ajo, AZ is a gift to the eyes and soul. Beauty everywhere. Great coffee shop, Oasis Coffee, on the square. Galleries. Three Nations Market, where there is something for everyone.

Well, one almost looks like a bus. VW buses were always my favorites!
Huge Wall Mural in Artist’s Alley, Ajo AZ
Detail of face

As an aspiring artist, I am both humbled and inspired by other’s work. Honestly, I could have spent a couple of days here, examining the works more closely. But alas, one must move on. Next time, maybe?

Part of an entire wall series in ochre/sienna

Some days were overwhelming almost in their visual offerings. Others more mundane, true. Many things catch my eye, and I can’t always stop, stoop, crane, look under the things that capture me. This is especially true while driving, lol! It would take me a year if I stopped for all things inviting.

More days photos to come this week, as I make time to upload. Until then, thanks for traveling with me!

~SE, the wheels of the bus going ’round and ’round…

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