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Is there life offline?

So what, you may ask, can one DO when there is no internet to absorb, delight, educate, aggravate and titillate? If you are a geeky person like me, you read. Yes, those book things that we house in places called libraries and line up in bookstores filled with the intoxicating aroma of, well, probably glue,…

It’s Raining Frogs

“Plop.” The sound came soft and clear from somewhere in the fading dusk. I looked around for what it might be and there, unmoving in the dark, was the shape of a frog. As I approached for a better look it shook off the fall and hopped away. It made me smile. Back to reading.…


The Daily Post popped into my Inbox tonight, for minimalist photos.  This one immediately sprung to mind.

Stark. Past prime. Depth. Beauty.

Stark beauty

In bloom, the Zinnia is cheerful, multi-layered, attention grabbing.  But even here, there is a shadow of its former life.

Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.~Rumi

Shabbat shalom.


Collage of the Mind

Quoting Berry from Word and Flesh: “The religion and the environmentalism of the highly industrialized countries are at bottom a sham, because they make it their business to fight against something that they do not really want to destroy. We all live by robbing nature, but our standard of living demands that the robbery shall…

A little (hah!) more macro work

While I have always enjoyed photography, what I am liking about macro work is what it reveals to me that I normally overlook, or am too far away to notice (or…rushing past!)  Lately, I am struck by the flowers within flowers 🙂 A few jewel tones for today.  Two different colors of bougainvillea, white bracts…

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