Something new

It’s a new month, and I often will try to follow something emotionally taxing with something that gives me more depth,  find another way to stretch myself in order not to stagnate in the past and shift my focus onto something forward-looking.  Yesterday’s post was lengthy and probably for some, a difficult or even bypassed read due to its heaviness.

A little while ago I started a new blog to showcase only my poetry, for those readers who don’t really care for the more rambling, philosophical and sometimes inane ‘life’ postings that I make here on my primary blog.  Today, I started something new there as well, recording my poetry live based on a suggestion of a friend.

If you have a moment, I’d appreciate you stopping by, casting a vote, and leaving feedback on the poll.  Many of you have been followers  here on Sunflower Solace for several years, and I appreciate your input – it feels like you ‘know’ me.

My poetry only blog is found at The Impetuarian here on WordPress.  Thanks in advance, and forgive me a moment of brief self-promotion, which just skeezes me out.  It’s not something I am very comfortable with.



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