7.28.14 Monday Music Mention – Adam Hurst, cellist

It is difficult to pick a ‘favorite’ instrument for me, as I appreciate all of them.  Participating in the Symphonic band and the marching band when young and geeky (still geeky), I was able to hear them closely. But strings, in the hands of the right people, reach into my body and elicit something that only they can pull out and unravel. The epitome of these for me is the cello.  And while I truly enjoy what 2 Cellos does with their popular music covers, along with Yo Yo Ma, currently Adam Hurst is my favorite. While much of his music gets labeled ‘dark’, I find it…haunting, lingering, evocative; it makes me stop what I am doing and close my eyes. I am transported to somewhere else, different times, places, scents and sounds.  I cannot wait until I am standing on the porch of my little cabin, with the snow softly falling on the woods, and this music playing in the background – spilling from the doorway to create a joining of the ethereal beauties of the human spirit and the outdoors.

Usually it is a combination of lyrics and the musical form that gets my ear, but with Adam, it is just the music.  And maybe his cool hat 🙂 Robert Gould summarizes it far more poetically than I on Adam’s site.  I mean, I could have, but you’re not here for that, right? Besides, I might have to change the rating on my site if I did. So let’s just stick to the music:)  For info on the artist, his site is found here.

I use Adam’s music as the aural backdrop for certain types of writing that I do which are not currently publicized.

Some of my favorite pieces:

Sparrow – a lighter form where the talent is on full display

Night Dance – Heavily Mideastern Influence and just a sensual delight for the entire being.

Seduction – I really don’t think any additional words are needed, 

I hope you find something new and interesting from this artist to enshroud you in new imaginings, and as always, please support the artist by purchasing their music if you find it pleasurable.

Have a mahvelous Monday all, and keep smiling and dancing – let those endorphins run freeeeeeee on Monday!



  2 comments for “7.28.14 Monday Music Mention – Adam Hurst, cellist

  1. July 28, 2014 at 8:16 AM

    Been listening to him for a while now. Great choice. >KB

    Liked by 1 person

    • July 28, 2014 at 8:21 AM

      His work is achingly beautiful, and a terrific backdrop for writing at times. I’m glad to know I have companions in the listening 🙂


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