Sunday Snippets 6.28.14

I’m here cooling off after running around snapping shots in the humid heat for this week’s photo challenge over at my most recent newborn activity, my photo-focus blog: My Digital Eye Queue  I’ll still include shots that add value here in my writing, but some folks don’t want to slog through my verbosity, they just want to view a photo.

If you have never checked out the photo challenges and the creative work produced there, I encourage you to check it out.  Although, you might not ever leave the computer if so 🙂

Eeeewww it is hotter than Hades out there!  Without air-conditioning, I can certainly see the merit in a mid-day siesta, except that I cannot sleep when hot.

The weekend is when I do my ❤ work (yes, there is ART in the word heart) – photography and poetry, while the pieces for writing here and on my projects simmer in my ‘creativity crock-pot’,  in the background so to speak.  It is amazing to me what happens when one focuses the mind.  It literally changes your vision. The mind often picks up on things that you don’t even know, until you’re reviewing a shot! As such, I wonder what our subconscious picks up in other areas, based also on our thoughts.

I’m also theme tweaking on my other two blogs, trying to find a good fit for the topical matter, and taking into consideration the mobile and tablet user.   Since I don’t use my phone for much web surfing (antique eyes and all), I forget to consider their perspective many times.

And then there is still micro-haus keeping, dog walking and weekly food prep to accomplish before heading into early bed-time for a killer week ahead.  I’m covering a co-worker this week, so thank goodness for three- day weekends!!

Keeping it short and sweet today, in order to get the rest of my ‘to-do’list moved to the ‘done did’ list 🙂

But two funnies before I go…


“I have decided I am more BookFace oriented than Facebook oriented” – me, in a comment to another WP user.

“You know that tingly little feeling you get when you really like someone? That’s common sense leaving your body.” -from a humor E-mail sent by a friend.  I have no idea who said it, but I love it!


Live well.  Smile often.  Don’t think too much. Open up, and be receptive to good.


And if all else fails, put a chair by your mailbox….perhaps they are waiting for some “chAIR mail”?
Chair mail, anyone?

Chair mail, anyone?


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